Replicator Layer


Replicator Layer

Replicator layer is equivalent to CAReplicatorLayer class. Replicator layer is almost useless by itself. Replicator layer creates a specific number of copies of its sublayers, where each copy can have geometric, temporal or color transformations applied to it.

The following steps guide you how to create a basic Replicator layer:

  1. Click replicator button from toolbar. Then click and drag mouse on canvas to set its size.
  2. Create new layer with any types. Then in Layer List, drag the newly added layer into the replicator layer to make it as a sublayer to the replicator.
  3. Reposition the sublayer appropriately in replicator frame.
  4. Click replicator, then in Layer Inspector change instance count to 12.
  5. Change replicator z rotation transform to 30.
  6. You will see the sublayer is replicated in a full circle.

replicator layer


Instance delay also is an important property of replicator layer. By setting the instance delay, all replicated copies of animation delays are increased incrementally. For example, if you add an opacity animation to a sublayer and set replicator instance delay to 0.1, each of the replicated copies will delay the animation incrementally by 0.1.