Whats New?

1. Multiple Animations

Create multiple animations states in a single QuartzCode project. Very useful if you need to create different animation using same asset. Each animation have its own method which you can call using the generated code.

2. Shared Color

Reuse same color across different layers and timelines. The color is created as property in generated code so you can still change the color using Xcode.

3. New Timeline and Toolbar Design


3. More Generated Code Customizations

code Options3

QuartzCode can now generate code with completion block, reverse animation, total duration and end time. The settings can be set individually for each animation.

4. Mask to Bounds


Now you can mask sublayers using the layer bounds easily using 'Mask to Bounds' feature at Layer Inspector

5. Change Grid Size and Snap to Grid

6. Improve Snapping when Resizing Layers

7. Many Improvements to Timeline Panel Usage

  • Floating Left Timeline Table View
  • Increased Timeline Panel time range
  • Timeline shown for Layer that have animations and selected layer only.
  • Lock the layer to hide timeline
  • Changing timescale will also zoom timelines at same position

8. Other Improvements and Bug Fixes