Modifying Timeline


Modifying Timeline

Adding New Timeline

To add an animation timeline, click ‘+’ button which is available for each layer in Timeline Panel. A popup with list of available animatable properties will be shown. You can also show animatable properties popup by using right mouse click and ‘Add Timeline’ either at the layer in canvas or at the layer area in Timeline Panel.

You can enable or disable any animation by using checkbox at keypath column. Disabled animation will not be played and the code will not be generated.



Deleting Timeline

To delete added timeline, choose its timeline and press Delete or Backspace key on your keyboard.


Modifying Time & Duration

You can change timeline duration by dragging first or last keytime in a timeline. In this case, all other keytimes in these timeline will be distributed relatively to original position before dragging. If you want to maintain keytime position, hold OPTION key while changing first or last keytime. Alternatively you can also use Keyframe Inspector and change their properties.

To change all timelines at the same time, use main timeline indicated by blue timeline at the topmost of the Timeline Panel.

You can also use left and right ARROW keys move the timeline left or right by a frame. Hold SHIFT key to move the timeline by 10 frames. If you hold CMD when pressing ARROW keys, the timeline last keyframe will be changed instead.


Editing keyframe

By default, when a timeline animation is added, two keyframes at initial and end of the timeline are added. To add more keyframe, double click inside a keypath timeline to add the keyframe at the clicked location. You can also right click and choose ‘Add Keyframe’ or use shortcut key CMD + K to add keyframe at playhead time. When a new keyframe is added, the timeline is automatically changed to keyframe animation type.

To delete a keyframe, simply select keyframe, right click and select ‘Remove Keyframe’.


Playing animation

You can play/pause animation by using Spacebar or click Play Button at the Timeline Panel. By default when animation is completed it is automatically replayed. Toggle replay button to disable this behaviour. You can also change animation speed by using speed popup button at top of Timeline Panel.

To move indicator by a frame, you can use PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN keys. To move by 10 frames, hold SHIFT while pressing those keys.

To move indicator to begin and end of whole animation, use HOME and END key respectively.

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  1. Yakhlef on February 14, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    Hi there! First of all, say thanks again for sanirhg your knowledge and work!Now, I am trying to make one more animationState for shutting. I have the animation inside the player in a new frame with the label shutting just like running or jumping etc.. but I can’t get the code to work when space bar is pressed if someone can just write the script for that would be much appreciated. Thanks in advanace!