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Get all QuartzCode project examples in one link. Just open and play using QuartzCode.

Video Tutorials

Basic Usage Tutorial

Shows basic on how to use QuartzCode including adding timeline, multiple animations, and shared color.

Tips using Timeline Panel

Show tips and tricks when using Timeline Panel.

Video Examples

Spinning Indicator using Replicator

Shows you how to create a basic replicator layer by creating a spinning indicator.

Car Animation with Smoke Emitter

Shows you how to use multiple emitter cells applied to a car moving on a path.

Reload Animation with Nested Groups

Shows you how to create reload animation with nested groups

Hamburger Animation

Shows you how to use shapes to create hamburger animation.

Text Animation using Effect Layer

Shows you how to animate text glyphs by using Effect Layer

How to Use Generated Code in Xcode

Shows you how to use generated code in most basic way.

Blog Post


Watch Animation

Explain how to combine layer types and multiple animations to produce a complex animation.

water fill animation 220

Water Fill Animation

Combination of path, transform and position animations with parent/child layer to create water fill animation

iphone vote animate example

Percentage Vote Animation

This tutorial includes on how to use mask and edit generated code in Xcode to control the vote percentage.

Creating load, complete and fail animations

Shows how to use multiple animations in QuartzCode with Xcode use case project.

Examples Only

Round Progress Animation

Example on how to create rounded progress animation.

Xcode Example Project

Xcode project with example with relative frame, reverse animation, total duration and end time options. Contains both Objective-C and Swift project.

Multiple Text Animations

Various examples for simple text animations

Rebus Zone Examples

QuartzCode projects with animations from Rebus Zone app. Thanks to Alexander Burtnik for providing such a good samples!

Rebus example

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