QuartzCode is a vector drawing and animation app that turns your drawing and animation to Objective C or Swift code in real time. QuartzCode is suitable for OSX/iOS developer or designer.

Layer List

Layer List displays all layers. The layers are arranged based on layer hierarchies and shown in colored thumbnails. You can change layer hierarchies by changing layer order in Layer List.

All layers act similar as CALayer or its subclass from QuartzCore framework. Some of their behaviour may be different depending on layer type in QuartzCode.

You can select layers using Layer list or highlight them. You can also hide or lock layer using Layer List.


Animation List

Animation List is where multiple animations is managed. Add or remove animations here.


Layer Inspector

Layer Inspector enables you to change layer settings. Different layer type have different Inspector Settings.


Animation Timeline

Animation Timeline panel displays animations for layers. It can show animations for all layers, animations for layers that contain animation only and animation for selected layers only. This settings can be changed using F1, F2 and F3.


Keyframe Inspector

Keyframe Inspector is used to change animation and its keyframe settings.

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