Layers Arrangement


Layers Arrangement




To align multiple layers at once, you can use buttons at mini toolbar. From left are align left, align down, align vertical center, align center, align horizontal center, align up and align right.

When multiple layers are selected, if you click any of alignment button, the layers are aligned to first selected layer in hierarchy. Hold CMD when clicking align button to override this behavior.


Layers also can be align based on its anchor point. Hold ALT when clicking align center button to align the layers using their anchor points.

align anchor

Make Grid

In QuartzCode, you can quickly arrange layers into a grid using Layer>Make Grid… QuartzCode automatically add new layers to those grid if column x row count is higher than selected layers count.

make grid


Arrange Layers on Path

You can also arrange layers on path. Use Layer>Arrange Layers on Path.. You can choose between any shape you have created from path popup.

arrange on path

Example of text layers arranged on oval path,

layers arrange path