Code Options


Code Options

There are few options that can be changed in Code Generator Window.


Add Method for Reverse Animation


If enabled, reverse animation method is added. This method enable user to run animation in reverse when used in Xcode.


Set Layer Value to Animation Value

If enabled, layer’s value will be updated according to the value of its animation when the animation completed.


Reset Layer Properties Method

If enabled, add a method to enable user to reset layer properties to its initial value. This method may also be needed in certain cases.


Round Layer Frame to Integer

If enabled, layer’s frame will be rounded to integer.


Use Relative Frame

If enabled, layer’s frame, path, position keypath animation and translation keypath animation will be set up relative. This make easier for developer to develop for multiple devices with different resolution.


Use IBDesignable

IBDesignable is new in Xcode 6 that let Interface Builder render the view directly in the canvas.


Use Completion Block

If enabled, add a completion block to the animation method that lets user perform additional task when an animation is completed.


Progress Method for …

If enabled, add a property that lets user to control animation progress for selected animation.