Turn Animation Natively to ObjC / Swift Code

Fast, lightweight and powerful animation tool

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Core Animation is now at your fingertip. QuartzCode bridge gap between developer, designer and animator. Choose and combine from 6 layer types and more than 25 animatable properties to create stunning animations. Focus on creating animation and let us generate the code for you!

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Complex Animation

Using QuartzCode you can visualize your idea, and iterate between different animations quickly. So any animation including complex ones take less time to create. Here are the techniques used in this clock animation.

  • 9 total animations
  • Shape layer, text layer, replicator layer and effect layer used
  • Mask transform animation
  • 2 animatable keypaths used, transform and opacity



QuartzCode is a must-have and is one of the best tools I have ever used in the creation of the fundamental of any iOS app. It's simple interface makes it so that it is very easy to create beautiful animations. Which, in the process, saves a lot of time and effort.

- Amro Thabet

I remember spending hours to make a fully custom button that animates for my camera app, but once I found Quartzcode, I could do it in minutes! Animations are what makes the iOS platform so much more intuitive and pleasant, and custom animations for loading, buttons and transitions gave life to an app that would otherwise feel flat and dead.

- June Kim

QuartzCode is the only animation tool with the ability to draw vector shapes & import SVG files. Vector support provides resolution independent UI elements that look amazing across multiple screen sizes. QuartzCode is the easiest & most effective way to take my app’s interface & user experience to the next level.

- Adrian Casanova

This is a unique tool that does vector animations for Xcode. The program feels very fast and responsive compared to Illustrator. I had a small problem and got instant support from a developer. I think I will use this a lot in all our apps.

- v3ktor.se