QuartzCode 1.5 with Swift 3 support released!

Apple has recently released Swift 3 with many changes from Swift 2.2 which is awesome and we are excited to finally release QuartzCode 1.5 today.

Version 1.5 introduced Swift 3 supports, and user still can changes between Swift 3 and Swift 2.2 in a single click. Apart from mandatory Swift 3 renaming, we also made some changes and omit needless words to functions generated to become more swifty


If you use completion block, reverse animation, animation duration or end time at Code Generator options and if Swift 3 selected, only one method is generated and you can choose not to call the parameters as it already have default values.


In addition to Swift 3 supports, QuartzCode 1.5 supports ‘Export Again’ feature, after generated code has been exported for the first time, you can use File > Export Again or use CMD+R shortcut to export the code with same settings again.


QuartzCode 1.5 is a free update and now available at our website and Mac App Store.

Download QuartzCode v1.5

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  1. Randy Fong on February 3, 2017 at 12:25 pm

    Just started playing around with QuartzCode and exporting to Swift 3.0.

    But, in my Xcode project I get errors trying to execute “QCMethod” classes.

    Is there a library I need to link up to that you provide?

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